preview: blazer drive

ds: blazer drive

sega bringt die anime-serie „blazer drive“ zum interaktiven leben für den nds! das sieht sehr wundervoll aus, überzeugts euch:

„blazer drive“, 37 screens, artwork, charaktere, via


The story takes place in a futuristic style of Tokyo, Japan, where society has harnessed the power of the elements. A group of people developed the so called „Mystickers“ that give various effects that can be used in daily life actions. Examples include using an electric Mysticker to power a vehicle or a fire Mysticker to heat a kettle.

The reader follows the exploits of Daichi who, in the first chapter of the manga, finds out he is a Blazer.

alles schön gerendert und gute ausnutzung der begrenzten nds-hardware. stay tuned für mehr infos und screens!

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